"International Christian School Founding has helped me to strategies more effective ways of transforming education in South Africa. As a nation, we have the dubious distinction of being known as the most unequal societies in the world regarding access to quality education and our Biblical response is to strive for redemptive solutions in this desperate situation. International Christian School Founding was able to provide helpful advice and consultation to guide us in our mission and offer resources."


- Ken Langley, The King's School West Rand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

'I know Christian Pälchen to be a wonderful strong Christian who has great integrity and reliability. His heart is to see learners empowered through Education and to impact the world by seeing changed, enlightened and educated minds. He is a person with great passion for education and whatever he puts his hands to is accompanied by his hard work to make it an effective organisation. ‘

- John V. Thomas, Living Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

"In 2017 Christianity has celebrated 500 years of the reformation initiated by Martin Luther.

One key element of the Lutheran reformation was education.

Through the aim that everybody should be in the position to read the bible, Luther translated the bible into German and together with the upcoming book printing the reformation played an important role in transformation through education.

"Change Through Education" is taking up this momentum in combining christian core values with education and has all my wishes and support on this innovative approach. "

Pastor Christoph Haus, General Secretary, EBM INTERNATIONAL

"The world we live in is in desperate need of change. Governance, education, healthcare, science and all the other systems of society depends on people’s skills and knowledge. And their ability to work. Not only does the work we do define our identity, but the way we do it is also a way of worshiping God and having his kingdom be established here on earth in every sphere of society.

It all starts with the decision to follow God’s way and then, in unity with Holy Spirit, to be equipped well to be change-agents in this world. Change through Education is a key in changing lives and inevitably, healing communities."

- René Badenhorst, freelance-journalist and Amaze.com communication strategist, Cape Town, South Africa.