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ICS-Christian School Founding a non-profit platform for Christian school founders and schools worldwide. 


Vision of ICS-Christian School Founding is to bring TOP-Christian-Educationy to every country  in the world: “The first and third world equally”.


We want to change and support the societies with well educated students, who know that Jesus died for them.



ICS-Christian School Founding will offer the Churches and Christian Institutions a support platform and a Network for their School founding project. To make it easier for them, to help them finish their project: The new ICS-School!



ICS-Christian School Founding will use the power of volunteers and University Students as well as the advantages of the franchise idea. Work together - learn together!



ICS-Christian School Founding Network has the aim to make it easier for students and teachers to change from one Network School to another. 


ICS-Christian School Founding will unleash the Life skill Conference Concept to counter the lack of knowledge among the Youth in Schools.



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