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Private Loan Function

As the world's first platform that connects Christian Non-Profit-Organisations with Christians of all professions and levels of expertise, we would like to further the relationship by encouraging private lenders to support Christian NPOs financially. Many Christians are eager to invest their money in good quality products or organisations that are making a lasting influence. Therefore, our desire is to offer a meeting point so that generous Christians can target and invest into a worthy project in the form of a private loan, while having the opportunity to earn shares or interest if they so choose.


We have two variations of private loans: 

1. Interest from the loan contract will be donated to the NPO; the lender will receive a receipt for their tax agency at the end of the year. The monthly repayment for the credit runs the same way as other ordinary loans. 


The advantage to the lender is that their loan is tax-deductible if the borrower resides in the same country and the borrower can receive the donation. A tax certificate belonging to the NPO will indicate this.

The creditor will be investing his money in a good product/project. For companies, this can reflect positively and be advantageous for the PR of the business.


Second Option

2. The borrower will be required to repay the loan in a normal way, while also paying off interest for his credit. No tax receipt will be required, therefore enabling the creditor to offer a loan to NPOs in various countries around the world.


Higher profit for the creditor. The borrower will benefit in that they are more likely to receive a loan from a country that has a stronger currency.


Advantages for NPO:

For NPOs: You can receive loans or donations. You can decide the details for loans: length of the credit period, the payback conditions and the debts. 


How does the platform works:

Christiannonprofitconsulting.com serves as an advertisement portal to make credit searches come to an end and lenders aware of each other. When the desired credit amount has been specified, the NPO will communicate directly with the lender to formulate a loan agreement. Here, the conditions as set out on the platform apply. The NPOs are required to have an account at a Christian bank, which guarantees the payment or, in case of insolvency, the remaining money will be distributed equally to the debtors. By working through a Christian Bank, the lender will be guaranteed that the NPO is identified as such.


As well as being able to give loans through a bank, companies and individuals also have the option to give direct loans or donations to NPOs. The donation will then be made directly to the bank account of the NPO.


Information exchange between NPO and Creditors/Donors:

 All communication and E-mail exchanges are to be done through the NPO. 


Please note: You are able to specifically search for your NPO on this platform and donate directly to them.