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Welcome to Change Through Education's charity page. Our slogan and mission is Change Through Education and Cooperation and we believe that Christians have a duty to share with others from their wealth, intellect and resources. This charity has two primary goals which will hopefully be reached through two different platforms (see below). Our Non-Profit Organisation  has been registered in Germany under HRB201408 since 2017. Please take a look at  our Tax Exemption Document of the State of Lower Saxony (Germany). 


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ICS-Christian-School-Founding offers Churches and Christian Institutions a support platform and a Network for their School founding project. Through this site, they can have access to outstanding resources for their Christian School founding project. Furthermore, ICS offers concepts and plans for the following:

  • ICS-School-Founding Concept
  • Christian Church Singles Concept
  • Life Skills Conference Concept
  • Conference of Cooperation Concept.

The Second vision of Change Through Education is accomplished Through Christian Non-Profit Consulting, an organization that has recognized the worldwide potential for companies, universities, students, graduates, specialist and senior specialists to help Christian non-profit organizations with their needs. This platform’s function is to connect both sides, so that knowledge and funds can be shared and received in a professional manner. The user-friendly search engine allows you to search for an NPO or organisation based on country, fields of work and expertise, etc.