Welcome to Change Through Education

Our charity aims to support Christian Non-Profit-Organisations (NPOs) worldwide. This unique charity is the first of its kind and offers experts, universities, students, graduates, companies, senior experts and NPOs a safe and friendly platform on which to connect.
For NPOs, it is hugely beneficial to receive voluntary consulting and internships from specialists as they are often unable to raise the funds to hire the help that they need. With Change Through Education, we can help them.
Change Through Education also offers most of what you need to establish a Christian school. You will find useful materials that will assist you from the very first steps of founding a school, day-to-day practices and event concepts. 


Please can you take a moment to consider partnering with us and endorsing Change Through Education. As a charity, we are dependent on donations to run these platforms and are controlled thought the German Tax organisation. Our pursuit is to increase the wealth of education around the world and the opportunity for people to partner with one another and cooperate together for God's glory and the good of the next generation. 


Thank you very much for your support!
May God bless your work!

Kind regards,
Christian Pälchen
CEO and founder of Change-through-Education